Steve Aoki and Kiiara Used To Be ft. Wiz Khalifa

Steve Aoki, Kiiara, and Wiz Khalifa Flip Early 2000s Hit on “Used To Be”

EDM heavyweight Steve Aoki teamed up with Kiiara and Wiz Khalifa for “Used To Be” and flipped one of the most recognizable hits from the 2000s, Unwell by Matchbox Twenty. This time, however, they turned it into EDM. The song features a very expected big beat from Steve Aoki and some smooth and pretty vocals from Kiiara on the hook and the first 2 verses. Wiz Khalifa comes in towards the end to help close the song out. This one is a big throwback for fans of early 2000s rock.

Everyone involved, including Matchbox Twenty, shared the song, as well as a music video clip on Twitter.

Stream “Used To Be” and see the credits below.



Used To Beft. Wiz Khalifa
ProducerMichael McEachern
Steve Aoki
Featured ArtistWiz Khalifa
MastererColin Leonard
MixerMiles Walker
ProgrammerSteve Aoki
Vocal ProducerBOLOOKI
WriterAlexander Pall
Andrew Taggert
Cameron Jibril Thomaz
Joseph Henderson
Madison Yanofsky
Michael McEachern
Michael V. Gazzo
Rob Thomas
Steve Aoki
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