Tory Lanez – Chixtape 5 Credits and Streams

Tory Lanez drops Chixtape 5 so you know the samples will fly. He brings together an all star cast to finish this album. “Jerry Sprunger” featuring T-Pain dropped on November 8th. They united to perform the single for MTV. The album rollout induced a feeling of nostalgia in Tory’s audience. He even got an assist […]

Lil Mosey – Certified Hitmaker Credits and Streams

Certified Hitmaker Streams Certified Hitmaker Credits So Fast Producer Royce David Composer Elgin B. Limpkin Lathan Echols Royce David Pearson Troy a Oliver Lyricist Elgin B. Limpkin Lathan Echols Royce David Pearson Troy a Oliver Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta Mixer Leslie Braithwaite Recording Engineer Royce David Studio Personnel Joe LaPorta Leslie Braithwaite Royce David Live […]

Summer Walker – Over It Credits and Streams

LoveRenaissance/Interscope artist Summer Walker releases her debut studio album, Over It. The Atlanta, Georgia singer/songwriter took to Instagram on August 13th to announce the album. The first official single was released on February 27, 2019. Drake hopped on Girls Need Love and gave new life to a song that was already a crowd favorite. She […]

Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Thank Me Credits and Streams

Welcome to the [istandard] credit check! Snoop Dogg has released his 17th studio album. That’s right, 17th. Snoop is a certified vet and OG in the rap game and Snoop drops some major gems throughout the album. Snoop’s first official announcement came from his Instagram on March 27th. The album’s lead and eponymous single, I […]

E-40 – Practice Makes Paper Credits and Streams

Veteran Bay Area Legend E-40 is back with his 26th studio album, Practice Makes Paper. 40 announced the album as the third in a series of albums that included The Gift of Gab and Rule of Thumb. The initial release was slated for February of 2019 but was pushed back to an eventual date of […]

DJ Khaled – Father of Asahd Credits and Streams

Let’s get this out the way. Father of Asahd Jordan 3’and the Another One 3’s are currently going for around 12K to 14K low end. I am sure some ads will show up on this page for those of you looking. We have gathered here today to discuss the music, the man, and the album, […]

Tory Lanez – LoVE mE NOw Album Credits and Streams

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