Lil Nas X Makes a Festive Return with “HOLIDAY”

Lil Nas X Makes a Festive Return with HOLIDAY

Lil Nas X teams up with Take A Daytrip and Tay Keith for “HOLIDAY” With what is presumably the first single from an upcoming album, Lil Nas X is back with “Holiday.” Fans may feel like it’s been an eternity (his first single in almost 2 years), but this song and music video will have […]

Lil Nas X – 7 Credits and Streams

For months, the world has had the horses in the back, and now, we’ve got new music from the Hip Hop Cowboy, Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X, has officially released his EP, 7. Earlier today, he treated the internet to the long-awaited and teased single, Panini. Panini Remix featuring Gordon Ramsey maybe? We’ve got […]

Lil Nas X Takes A Daytrip for ‘Panini’ Credits & Streams

Now that that’s out of the way, Lil Nas X is back with his newest single, Panini. This latest single was produced by Take A Daytrip. The follow-up single to his breakout hit Old Town Road has been teased online for months since Lil Nas X found success with his first hit. He also credits […]