Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers 2 Album Credits and Stream

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Wiz Khalifa released his new album today at midnight. We will attempt to bring you the Rolling Papers 2 Album credits. As of now the official ones have not been released. Atlantic sent us on a similar wild goose chase with Cardi B’s album. To some, little things like liner notes and credits may seem small, but to the community of producers, writers, engineers and studio personnel, both big and small, credits are their resume. As a kid, reading the credits was the first thing I did before listening to a new album. We hope that we can help to push the needle even the tiniest bit in the direction of making metadata an important part of the process once again.

In 2011, Wiz Khalifa dropped the biggest album of his career, Rolling Papers. With massive singles like “Roll Up”, “No Sleep”, “Get On My Level” and the iconic 6x Platinum anthem, “Black and Yellow”, Wiz ascended from the top of the rap game to cultural icon. The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and topped the Rap and Hip-Hop/R&B charts. On 4/20, Wiz dropped a 420 Freestyle and announced a new album, the long awaited Rolling Papers 2, which was originally announced in 2015 and was supposed to be titled Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album.

It’s three years late, but it’s finally here.

🎳 I’m good at everything. My album comes out July 13th!!!

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We’ve confirmed Sledgren, Cardogotwings, Ayo N Keyz, Hitmaka, TM88, Tay Keith, Young Chop, CB Rich, Mike Will, 30 Roc and Chris Dreamer thus far on the production side of things. Featured artists include Ty Dolla $ign, The Mxxnlight, Snoop Dogg and the late Jimmy Wapo among others. E. Dan mixed 23 of the 25 records. We’ll add them in place as soon as they are confirmed. We spent about 9 hours scouring the internet to compile the listing below. We will continue to search, check back and add as necessary. A lot of the project’s producers have shared their involvement throughout the night and into the morning so we have a pretty good idea of who did what. We also learned that istandard alum Bobby Raps co-produced  Hot Now with 808 Mafia and TGOD’s TM88! That’s a great look. We wish the homie from MN continued success.

-Update- 7/14/18 9:13 pm

I saw Rob Markman comment on Gin and Drugs so I asked him if he knew who had produced it. I knew the OG was Roger Troutman and Easy Mo Bee flipped it for Biggie into “Goin Back to Cali”

What I didn’t expect was an answer from E. Dan of I.D. Labs.

I hit him via DM and asked which records he mixed. I told him we did a piece and we wanted to gather all the writers, producers and the mixing and recording engineers. He said he would take a look. He hit back with way more info than I expected. As a creator he knows how important credits are. I was super grateful for the help and the quick exchange. We’ve added all the details. The overall list is one of TGOD’s usual suspects, industry seasoned vets and some young and really dope newcomers. Make sure you read up, follow them all and support your local creators!

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